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Birthdate:Dec 30
I am [profile] abraxas_life, and I am a ficaholic.
I read too much. Far far far too much. And it's pretty much all slash too.
One problem is, I like rereading stories, and with fanfiction, I kind of tend to lose them after a while. It occurs to me if I put links and summaries to everything I read in one place, this is less likely to happen.
Thus, [profile] i_read_too_much.
So, while I used to be mostly into Harry Potter, it's time for new things. Things that are still evolving, with new canon happening pretty much every day. Yup, you guessed it, I have now entered The Bandom Zone.

Every week a List will be put up, with links added of every single bandslash story I read.
If I don't read any, than nothing will be added to that weeks list, but I'll turn it into a rec for something or other to compensate.

How I Update
    Every Tuesday I will put a Friends Locked post up. Throughout the week, every time I read a new fic I will add it to that entry(let's call it the List). The next Tuesday, I will finish editing all my summaries and all the html code, and then I will Unlock the List.
By this point, it will be a week behind in your friends list, so I will make a new post(let's call it the Linker) with a link to the now open List, for your browsing pleasure. The Linker will be deleted the next Tuesday, when I start the process over again.

Note : Please feel free to friend this community, all watchers are welcome, but it has closed membership. No membership requests will be granted.
To explain: I do this so that the current in-progress List will remain hidden and not clogging your friends list.

Bands and Pairings you Will See Most Often
Panic! At The Disco
Fall Out Boy
My Chemical Romance
The Academy Is...

Brendon/Pete (crossband OTP!!!)
Brendon/Anyone (though probably not Ryan often)
Jon Walker, period
Bob Bryar, period
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